Thursday, July 1, 2010

Craft File: Handspun Yarn

Last Thursday, my sister and I took a class at Fancy Tiger for spinning yarn on a drop spindle. It.Was.Awesome. Our instructor was Jamie, she was so nice and very skilled at spinning. I left the class with a new knowledge and a ton of roving, excited about the craft. By the next night, I had spun up all of the roving, washed the yarn, dried it (Saturday I made cute tags) . I can't wait to spin some more, I'm totally hooked!

If you haven't already tried spinning on a drop spindle, I highly recommend it-it's fun, you can spin while watching a movie or hanging out with friends, and it's a no-waste craft (which eases my eco-loving heart).

Tips/Tricks: Jamie suggested that once you finish spinning your yarn, you make sure to label it. It's much easier to remember the yardage right after you make the yarn. I couldn't agree more.

Details: Merino roving, Shetland roving, and another kind I can't remember, drop spindle (it's a basic one-only costs like $10)

Rachel May