Monday, July 26, 2010

Bedroom Sketch

Once upon a time, I went to art school. Just recently I was looking through my old school work and missing the creativity and enjoyment I got out of my work. Then I started sketching.

I thought I should start out simple, so here's a bedroom image from Dwell Studio that I've seen floating around the internet. Don't you just love the colors of that bedding?

My work:

Once I started drawing the inspiration image, I realized just how much I wanted to slide the lamp a little to the right so that picture frame wasn't hanging over the edge-does that bother you too?

My sketch is even simpler than the actual image. I think I'll go in later and add some texture and stripes, maybe even render it. Right now it's a decent line work drawing for rendering (do you know what rendering is? It's like realistic coloring), just a little plain.

Mediums used: Pencil (mechanical) and eraser (a lot of eraser), pen (micron in .3 and .7)

What do you think? Do you like sketching? If so, I'd love to see your work! Send me a link or comment below.

Please don't steal my sketches for your blog or other use without permission. Thanks!


Rachel May