Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One of those days....

Do you ever have those days where the little things really get to you? Today was one of those days for me. I'm feeling irritable towards people that aren't really doing anything different than the norm, and I hate when I do that. I try to keep to myself when I'm in moods like this, but then everyone asks how I'm doing...it's tough.

When I have a lot on my mind, I tend to let it build up and stress about it-whether it be openly or not. Somedays I think I just get overloaded and need to take a step back. This evening taught me that step back part. I made dinner, tried to chill out, and worked a little bit as well. The day may have gone cruddy, but the night was salvaged.

How was your day today?

Rachel May

DIY Card Kits

These will be added to my shop tonight. These kits come with one card, an envelope, embellishments, and handmade paper scraps so you can create your own sentiments! If you aren't into creating, they'd make a great gift for a crafty friend! I hope to have many different colors available soon, but right now, you can check out my shop and see what's available!

Rachel May

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Handmade Paper

Forgot to post this earlier----isn't this gorgeous? I think handmade paper is luvly. And now you can get some from my shop!

And can I just say how nice it is to have my very own computer back? I sure did miss her!

Rachel May

Why is my name Butter? Cuz I'm on a roll...

I'm doing good. I'm staying on track, producing lots of items for Etsy, and keeping the apartment at some level of clean. A few days ago I made a beautiful batch of blue handmade paper and couldn't wait to start creating EcoBooks with it last night.

It seems that when I feel on track, I have good momentum for a few days, then I crash..so I'm trying to keep going by preparing for that "crash" moment.
What do you do to stay on track? Tips are always welcome.

On another note, I may have a new home. Yep, rachelmay designs will be moving. Currently, the boy and I live in a decent one-bedroom apartment in Denver. It's not downtown, or close to school, or near work for me---so it isn't all that convenient. My job however, has perks-and one is that I'm really close to a property management company. They are going to rent me a HOUSE! for a steal, and I'm taking it. It's four blocks from work, close to the light rail to get downtown/to school, etc....so all is looking good. Keep your fingers crossed that this goes through...I'm ready for a change of scenery:)

On another note-hasn't this just been a fabulous summer?! I sure think so!

Rachel May

Monday, July 20, 2009

She Purrs

My computer is healthy again! I've been back to Etsy-ing and getting a bunch of new listings up, providing a healthy selection of EcoBooks for you to peruse! You should check it out at: \


I'm taking new pics, posting new items, and soon I will be working more on the blog action. I hope all is well!

Rachel May

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sharing is Caring

I have so much to tell you about the Renaissance Fair, how my garden is doing, the craft fair we were in, etc...but I can't until I get my tech guy to fix my computer. I got a trojan virus on it-awesome. So right now, I'm using the boy's computer to write this and to inform you of my status. hopefully I don't spread the virus to this comp-then we'd be in BIG trouble.

I hope today is wonderful and virus-free for everyone!

Rachel May