Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Report: The Friday Night Knitting Club

My book reading habit has become more like an addiction than anything else lately, and let me just say that living within 5 blocks of two AMAZING used book stores doesn't help! Reading is a great way to expand your horizons, learn something new, and a great escape when you just need to go somewhere else.

Each week (right now it's scheduled for Saturdays) I will post about a book that I've recently read, embellishing with a summary (without giving away the enjoyment of reading the book) and my point of view on it (good or bad). I'm not a publisher, an editor, or a writer (besides on this blog), just a reader, so take my opinion how you like and definitely form your own as well. But who knows, maybe you'll want to read the books too!

First up: The Friday Night Knitting Club
Author: Kate Jacobs


This is a story about a single mother and her daughter. The mom, Georgia Walker, runs a yarn shop where a small knitting group starts to develop between a range of different individuals, all at interesting turning points in their lives. It explores how each person finds similarities in another and eventually help each other through the tough stuff.

My Take:

This book is a roller coaster of emotions and a total page turner. You'll fall in love with each one of the characters-there's something you can relate with in all of them. There's also a bit of knitting lingo mixed into the writing, so it feeds your crafty appetite as well. Warning: I'm not gonna lie, I cried when I read this.


Rachel May