Sunday, April 12, 2009


There's a sale in my Etsy shop going on right now! I need to get some inventory out to make some more room in my apt for EcoBooks!
Cards $1-2
Jewelry $5

Can't beat those prices!


Rachel May

Handmade Militia

Craft fairs, craft fairs! Oh how I love them! My new craft bud Cynthia ( and I ( just gained early admittance to Handmade Militia's Spring Market. YOU should check it out. I'm not sure what time it is at, but I will let you know. I think you will be impressed by our craftiness and the event just sounds so cool-I'm so excited to be part of a militia! Mark your calendars for May 2nd!

Rachel May

Hopscotch Hustle

Hello! What was I doing April 5, you ask? Okay, no one asked, but I thought I'd share anyway. I was in my first(ish) craft event! It was called Hopscotch Hustle, to benefit Weecycle, a program developed to help underprivileged families to get gently used baby items. It was an amazing event at the Curtis Hotel, and I met some great people. The main event was a fashion show, and there were 20-30 vendors (like me!) selling craft items as well.

I'm so glad I went, what an experience!

Rachel May

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living Room-Updated

Everytime the garbage needs to be taken out from now on, I will take care of it. I found this beaute next to the dumpster at work today. It's now in the living room, making the couch jealous.

Rachel May