Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Spirit

I know what you're thinking-"OMG Rachel, what a sweet bike!" I totally agree. I scooped up this sweet ride at an estate sale.

The bicycle was originally priced at $150, but we made it to the estate sale on the last day, so everything was 50% off. Luckily, I had my master-bargainer sister along, who talked them down to $50 (they were really nice about the price change, we didn't have to fight dirty or anything, but we would have if the situation called for it-we liked the bike THAT much).

It was love at first sight. She's from the 1970's, a Free Spirit model (like it was made just for me) and we thought it would need a lot of work, but we aired up the tires, greased her up a bit and off I went! She's been a lovely bike so far, although we do plan on taking her apart, cleaning her all up and putting her back together so she stays with us for a long time.

I also plan on adding some baskets, possibly a little headlight and most likely a bell. All in good time.

Rachel May