Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Craft Project

I've been checking out a lot of blogs lately, and they have inspired me to do something crafty for Valentine's Day that I could share on the blogosphere. Here's what I came up with:

I love it and am going to hang mine on the bedroom door! All I did was take buttons and Zots(gluey dot could use hot glue, but be careful) and attach them to some of my handmade paper. I ripped the edges of the paper to rough-it-up a bit, and glued that to a layered piece of cardstock (A white piece, slightly larger than the red piece on top so it shows the edges). I used double-stick tape to keep the cardstock together. I decided that it looked like craft-art and wanted to be able to hang it, so I punched two holes in the top with a plain-old hole punch and used some old ribbon that I had laying around. Voila!
I was thinking that you could really do this in any color, using a lot of different interesting colors of paper or heavy cardboard, even wood. This could get pretty cool, if I say so myself.

I hope you like this project. If you make one, please send me a link so I can check out your interpretation, I'd love to see it.


Rachel May
P.S. This is the second one I made. I was going to photograph the first one, but it's a gift, and I had already put it in the envelope and sealed it before I realized that I forgot to take a picture first. Whoops! That goes to show, though, that this is a fast craft project.