Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today, I have two wonderful things to share with you! First up, the socks I made for the boy, modeled by him. You will notice that the sock towards the front of the picture fits like a dream, but the toe is a little funny-that was my first sock. I'm not ashamed, I'm really proud. You will also notice that the sock toward the back is improved in the toe action, however fit's WAY looser.
I knit the second sock extremely fast in order to meet the deadline of Valentine's day, but as it was 3 months after the first sock was knit, apparently I knit looser now. I was SO upset when I noticed this, but the boy assured me that he didn't mind, he really liked his socks (this is why he's a keeper). However, he went on to saying that he didn't want to wear the socks, because he might wear a hole in them. I informed him that he would be in BIG trouble for not wearing the socks after all of the hours I put into them, and that I would try to fix anything that went wrong with them, and knit him new ones if he's really upset about it.

Even though this pair of socks took me eons to complete, I would really like to make more. I do think that sock knitting is addicting. I really want to try it on circs though, because I think that would be faster for me. I would love to have a drawer full of handknit socks one day, that sounds wonderful! However, I should start with a single pair of socks for myself first:)
Also, proof that I have a degree! I got it in the mail the other day and framed it this morning. You see it pictured here on top of all the jobs I've sent my resume in for and haven't got. The most expensive piece of paper I will ever own, this degree. I thought it would seem more...prestigous. Oh well. Oh, and I put it in a frame I already had (yay for free!).

Rachel May