Thursday, January 29, 2009

New and Improved!

So, I got to thinking about the EcoBooks, because they have consumed my life (I love, love, love them). I was thinking about the eco-friendliness and the users, and I have made large improvements to the EcoBooks.

I started a new line: EcoBooks SkEtCh. The new and improved part comes in probably in one of those places that nobody thinks about, but I'll explain that element in a minute. The cool thing (for users) about the EcoBook SkEtCh line is that it is a super heavy paper, so you can write in ink or pencil or whatever and it shouldn't bleed through. It also makes a good weight of notepad, feeling more durable and substantial without being bulky.

The OTHER improvement:
I changed the glue. I'm now using a water-based non-toxic glue. I was really excited, because I know that adhesive is one of the tricky parts to making stuff green and eco-friendly. Now what's great about this glue is that it seals in the handmade paper cover and back so that you don't have to worry about durability, and it keeps everything together. It also offers endless design possibilities as now I can create patterns on the handmade paper if I want to.

I felt as though this was a great move and hope the EcoBooks catch on soon. It's a great product if I do say so myself.


Rachel May