Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm getting really excited about this new line for my Etsy site. (warning-plugging for the website will be throughout this post, at least I warned ya!)

I recently got into making my own paper. I take things like junk mail and old bills and such and shred them in my paper shredder (partially for function later, partially because who doesn't like shredding things, and partially because I would like to keep my identity). After it's all shredded up, I have a white paper mulch-which is fun all in itself.

You can make an interesting handmade paper with just white shreddings, because the ink on the paper adds a purply-blue tone to it, but I usually choose to add color. I take scraps of cardstock from cardmaking and shred them up too. I then dump the white and colored shreddings into my blender(used only for papermaking) and add water. I blend the concoction and ta da! I have a weird pulp.

Taking the pulp and the handmade paper kit I got from another seller on Etsy (, I make the paper by sifting and drying the pulp (it's much more confusing than that, but no fun to read-lots of fun to do, though).

Drying is the worst takes forever. I hate waiting, but the paper looks amazing when it's finished.

After all of this labor, I've made one component of the EcoBook. I then take the handmade paper and some paperboard(100% recycled and saved from food boxes and such) and back it for strength. I then cut some paper to go into the book for writing and doodling on, and bind it...all myself.

This has been one of the most satisfying craft things I have done in a long time, and I feel really proud because I truly feel like it's unique to me. I like that it's environmentally conscious-you know how it's made, where stuff comes from, it uses responsible materials, and when you are finished, you can rip off the binding and recycle the paper! What more could you want?

I hope everyone likes the EcoBooks. It's a new craft product that I really stand behind and I'm so proud of it. If you would like to purchase one, check out my Etsy site:

I have three versions available: Journal (6x8), Listmaker (3x7), and Reporter (3x5).


Rachel May