Thursday, January 29, 2009


Doing some interesting stuff for Etsy today, besides the stuff I posted earlier. Part of me thinks that I like all aspects of crafts and want my Etsy site to reflect that, and part of me thinks that will confuse people. And be hard to restock.

I think I'm going to narrow my focus, besides requests if people have them. Soon I will be working on a baby blanket for a baby shower gift, should be interesting. But I think Etsy is going to be aimed towards papergoods.

That's going to be my store. Love the jewelry, but there's a lot of intense jewelry competition on Etsy and I keep teaching people how to make it, so the demand for jewelry made by me is diminishing-lol.

I feel good about this-more focused. And soon you will see what I've cooked up today. Once I get it in the mail:)

Something to think about.

Rachel May