Monday, October 25, 2010

Washburn Residence: Dresser Redesign

I've been helping out a client(finally using my interior design degree) with a few selections for her home. She had already purchased an unfinished wood dresser for her bedroom (top left is a look-alike) and wanted it painted. She wanted red, but we needed to narrow down what she meant by that, so I came up with this mood board.

click to enlarge

I created this to help the client and myself get on the same page as far as what "red dresser" meant. That's a big deal-people have different perceptions of things. We decided which dresser we liked best (all images found on Google after searching "red dressers"), the bottom right was our favorite. I used that selection and a rug as inspiration to select the paint colors/finish look on the piece.

I'll make sure to post updates as I move along on this project.


Rachel May