Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paint Swatch Organizer

You know those clear plastic business card sleeves? You could use them for business cards (standard), but you could also use them for TONS of other things. I was trying to organize some paint swatches for a client and thought of this idea. Using a business card as your template, cut the paint swatches to size.

You can cut the name off and use double stick tape to adhere it to the back, or cut it so the name shows on the front. See?

Very nice-and it looks so clean an professional. I'm pleased with the results! I'm sticking extra smaller paint swatch scraps in there (no need to throw them away) in case my client would like to keep them for reference, or if they're unsure of which color to choose. Also-if they don't like a color, it's easily interchangeable! No commitment whatsoever:)


Rachel May