Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Wabi Sabi Goodness

I took the Wabi Sabi article (mentioned before here) into work this week for our staff meeting to share with my coworkers and it went over really well. It seemed to really make an impact on the people I work with and I was SO excited to be able to share something that really enlightened me with other people.

Our office culture is really changing in a positive light which makes all of those hours spent at my day job so much more enjoyable. It's so easy to start overlooking things at work and get frustrated, and to let that frustration build day after day. I'm so glad we've noticed it and are taking action to work towards a more positive, accepting culture. If you want to check out the Wabi Sabi article, it's in this month's Whole Living (a Martha Stewart Publication). I highly recommend it.

In the spirit of Wabi Sabi, I found the best Wabi Sabi coffee cups at Caribou Coffee the other day. They look handmade and have the neatest little circle handles on them. And, at 50% off, I bought two. Can't get much more Wabi Sabi than that.

Today I'm doing some interior design research for a client (can't wait to share more on that topic with you!) and soaking up a creative day. What are you up to?


Rachel May