Sunday, June 6, 2010

Card Challenge #4 Requirements!

Now on to the next challenge! For the next two weeks, you need to create a flat notecard. Something that you could use to pass a note to a friend, tuck inside a gift bag, or tell your S.O. you love them. Your only requirement is that it must be flat-you can use any size you want, but keep in mind that you will still need to be able to write on it, so bulky embellishments might not work so well.
I used funky fibers to create dimension without adding bulk to the front of the card. This was designed to look like a postcard, the back is blank white for writing your message. I added bulk by adhering heavy cardstock to the middle, so even though this is a notecard and not a folded card, it still feels substantial. I might mess with the fiber a bit to push it away from the lettering on the stamp, but other than that, I'm pleased with the result.

Skyler, you're next!

In this Challenge: SkyleRae and Dee Dee

Good luck on this challenge and happy crafting!

Rachel May