Tuesday, March 8, 2011

House Tour: Upstairs Hall and Bedrooms

We'll start this tour backwards, as in...with the backyard (mostly because I'm blogger photo upload inept).


Isn't it beautiful? There's already an arbor next to the garage that leads to a flower garden, a built in sprinkler system, a one car garage and a concrete pad to the right of the garage (other side of the fence) for added car storage.

Basement Stairwell

Here's the stairwell to the basement-you can see that it's open to the living room. It makes it really open over there.

Roomie's Room

This is our roommate's room, and probably the only picture you'll ever see of it, unless he lets me design it:) No offense to you, but a few reasons why we like our roommate is because he's awesome, he was willing to move from our rental to our new home even though that included a rent raise, and he's just very considerate. So to be considerate to him, I'll only show you the before pictures of his bedroom-a man's gotta have his privacy!

Upstairs Bathroom

This is the bathroom upstairs that's in between the two bedrooms. It's actually kinda cool, but there's definitely some design stuff to be done in there.

Upstairs Bathroom

Ignore the toilet....I had Boyfriend take the pictures and he doesn't understand necessary presentation necessities. Instead, focus on that cool curved shower curtain rod. Pretty sweet, right?

Craft Space!

This is THE CRAFT SPACE. Do you know how nice it is to have an entire room dedicated to crafts? Well I don't, because this is also the guest bedroom. But it's close enough and I'm certainly not complaining!

Craft Space

Here's the view of the entry. Look at that tiny window on the left...sad. But it's good enough for me (once again-I get a craft space! Not complaining).

There's still so much more to share: the basement studio, laundry room, other bathroom, and mine and the Boyfriend's bedroom!


Rachel May