Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Look: Basement Landing

I still need to share a "before tour" of our new space, but I couldn't wait to show you a little project I worked on Sunday. We've only just begun chipping away at unpacking since we moved in a couple weeks ago. The move went from organized to free for all in a matter of a couple of days, so our stuff is EVERYWHERE. It's also driving me crazy.

Sunday my goal was to clean out the basement landing. When you walk down the stairs, there's a bunch of junk lying in the middle of the space. I imagine this space to be a lovely reading nook in the future, but right now, it's a total Hoarders episode in there. Pictures will help clarify this for you.

Here's the view as you walk down the staircase (surprise!):


There's some amazing paneling, a built-in and a closet behind all that junk. Hello storage! I need you in here.

And here's the space after I cleaned it up, took 6 boxes of junk to Goodwill (hello, tax deduction!), recycled some cardboard boxes, took out the trash, put the other items where they should actually be, pulled nails, blue taped and spackled:


It's nothing spectacular. It's more of a blank slate, but it's a BIG difference, trust me. Now I can walk downstairs without sidestepping to the laundry room or my bedroom.

Here's another view. Check out that built-in (such potential):


And here it is after:


We're planning on demolishing the small shelf above the dresser and building bookshelves all the way across for all of our good reads.

There are a few things we will need to do in this space. For one, that curtain has got to go, and the cabinet is spoken for, so it will go too.


And currently, you have to stick your index finger in the door to pull it open...not the most effective method.

Doorknob (or lack therof)

We're going to have to replace the doorknob (we have the old fell off). I've been thinking one from an architectural salvage yard would be fun, but I'm not sure how well that will work out (or if I should just keep it simple and make my life easier).

Before (taken from the hallway)

After (told you there was a closet there!)

Here's an After picture taken from the corner where the built-in is, directed at the hall. The door on the left goes to our studio (you thought the landing was gross! I had to close the door for this space), the laundry room door is through the hall doorway and our bedrom door is on the left. Phew! Lots of doors. But look how clean the space is!

After (facing the hallway)

I'll definitely share more once I have it, but for now, you can find me at the bottom of the stairs making carpet angels.

Rachel May