Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello Organization, how have you been?

I'm a big fan of being organized (not that I am. I am organized at work, and in my mind (most times) but my house isn't there yet-nor is the rest of my life). The other day I realized that this blog needs some of that organization. So I called in some help. Dee Dee over at UmWow Studio helped me add some lovely tabs to the top of my blog.

The top tab bar is here to help! So if you'd like to keep looking a pictures of my house (House Tour) or if you're just interested in my crafty abilities (Crafts) or my weekly Sketchmania submissions (SketchMania), or my freelance interior design work (Interior Design) it's easy as pie to find EXACTLY what you're looking for! Then again, if you want to follow along each day, that can't hurt either.


Rachel May