Sunday, March 28, 2010

Card Club: First Challenge!

Welcome to the card club! Whether you are here to check out the first challenge, to join the club, or just to look, enjoy!

Here are the details:
1. Each member is required to create one card every other week, following the guidelines given. I will start with posting a blog containing the first set of requirements as well as my card. The requirements can be anything: has to have blue on it, must be larger than 4 x 5.5 in size, designed from an inspirational photo, etc.
2. Whoever writes the guidelines for that week tags another person-there doesn't have to be any order in who you tag. If you are participating, please comment so we can add you to the tag list!
3. You will have two weeks to complete your card. If you are tagged to write requirements, please have the requirements ready by the end of the two weeks, so everyone has ample time to make their cards.
4. Post your pictures on your blog and comment to the person who sent the challenge with a link to it. This part might get confusing-we can work this out once we get started. The group will decide-do we want this on one main blog? Do we want it to jump to each person's blog? Do we want everyone to post all the cards every two weeks? We will need to make some decisions.

And now...onto this week's challenge (no bug eating or tight roping necessary)!

Your first challenge is to create a card for a friend-no specific rules on that, it just has to be designed as something you would send to a friend, and it must be spring-themed. I'm looking for bright, happy, colorful cards, folks!

Here's what I came up with:

This card started out with a kraft paper base. The paper with the grass was a perfect pairing with the tree cardstock you see on the left (and they're both 70% recycled papers, which makes me a happy camper).

I stamped, embossed and colored the Thinking of You portion...

And embellished the bottom right with Prima flowers and button brads. I'm pretty proud with how it turned out.

Due Date:
You have until April 11th to complete yours and post it! Please comment with a link so I can see your creations:)

Tagged: SkyleRae-you're next! Please come up with a challenge and post it to your blog April 11th at 6am (mountain time).

Tag List (so far)
Rachel May (hey that's me!)
Dee Dee

In the meantime, as I see your creations, I'll copy some of your pictures and create a post to show the outcome of our first challenge!

Have fun!

Rachel May