Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging Lake Part Two

Here's more pictures from our hike this week.

We hiked a little further once we saw Hanging Lake and tried to get under the waterfall. We got pretty far.

Then we backtracked a little bit and hiked up to Spouting Rock. This is the original water source for Hanging Lake-it's an aquifer that's flowing out of the mountain. We were totally able to walk under this waterfall.

We hiked further and were able to look over the edge down to Hanging Lake-sort of get an aerial view of it all. It was breathtaking. You can see the boardwalk that's around the lake. This was taken from above.

Why I love Boyfriend: I told him I needed a picture with my sock in progress. He doesn't ask why, he says "Well I'm going to focus on the sock, the waterfall will just be a blur in the background, okay?" That's a man with his priorities in place. (if you don't understand why someone would take a picture of sock knitting, go to the Yarn Harlot's blog).

We had a blast.

I'm already planning our next hike-this one was SO much fun!

Rachel May