Monday, December 7, 2009

Clean Up Your Act

Waking up this morning to a clean house was wonderful. Today is Monday, and my Sunday goals are usually to get back on track. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case lately. We went out of town for Thanksgiving and got back last Sunday-I did 5 loads of laundry, but it wasn't enough...the dishes were piled up, the kitchen was a disaster, and I didn't have enough time (or energy) to get everything all done. But this Sunday was different! I rearranged furniture, organized a bit, did dishes, put away dishes, baked cookies, and finished some projects. I feel so much more excited and ready for the week now!
So this morning I woke up, got ready for week, made some coffee (and grabbed a biscotti)....and ran out of things to do! Trust me-there's plenty of cleaning left to do, but the basic stuff is done...and it feels good!
What's your cleaning schedule like? Do you get caught up on the weekends, like me or are you good at keeping up with it? Whatever your schedule, I hope it works for you! Feel free to share:)

Rachel May