Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bedroom Shelving

Here's the sketch of what I wanted...

Here's the boy scaring me with the saw....i told him I wanted to take a picture, so he gave me the crazy face.

I'm also positive I told him these were going on the blog...but he insisted on silliness.

Okay, when looking at these pictures, you need to know some things about our room-It wasn't actually meant to be a bedroom, hence no closet. It's just this random room at the end of the basement stairs. It's tiny, but immediately when I saw it, I envisioned the shelving unit, so I couldn't pass it up. We gave the larger upstairs bedroom to our roommate and opted for a "cozier" and more private basement room.

Here it is fully assembled. This was the first thing we did when we moved in, so I was super proud.

Next Post: Bedroom shelving after we moved in:)

Rachel May