Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Years

Yesterday, Boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years together. It's such a feat for us, and I'm excited for everything still ahead.

I remember when we had almost made it to our 3 year anniversary, and I was so scared. Scared because I've never been in a relationship longer than 2 years, and I didn't know how it was when you were with someone that long. One of my friends, who's been married since she was 18(to her highschool sweetheart no less), told me "the best part about being with someone for the long term is that you always love them, but your love grows deeper for them. You appreciate different things."

I'll always remember that, and I feel it too. It's nice to have our routines (and we both admit to liking that), and it's fun to know so much about someone that you *think* you know how they would like this or that, or how they would respond, but the best part, to me, is having that person that makes you feel safe and loved, no matter what. And I'm so grateful for that.

Rachel May