Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monthly Goals: Focus for 2010

dwellstudio for target via apartment therapy

As 2010 forges on, and rather quickly I might add...I've decided that what I really need in my life is focus.

A coworker of mine is trying to develop better habits. Each month, she chooses one thing to change about her lifestyle-in an effort to develop better habits. Each month means a new change and another step towards the lifestyle that she wants. As a new month comes, a new change is introduced-and hopefully by the end of the month, a habit is formed. although she's creating a lot of change in her life, she has attainable goals and time to figure them out.

I personally think this is an awesome idea, and I feel like right now, this is something that could really help me achieve some focus in my life.

Each month I want to have 3 areas (becuase I can only focus so much) to work on: Personal, Home, and Business.

Personal: I feel like there is so much time spent worrying about completing other things, and I need to start making me a priority. This category would include things such as: completing a project, quitting bad habits, etc.

Home: As a graduate in interior design, I believe that your home truly affects your daily life. I know that when I clean and prepare for the week on the weekends, that week goes a lot smoother. I also know that spaces affect my moods, good or bad. I want to take this and start incorporating it into my monthly goals. I want to answer questions and find solutions to things. What am I doing to make our rental more of a home? What cleaning habits could help me more? I want to learn to cook more at home and complete more interior projects as well.

Business: As much as my home and my happiness are important, so is my business. It completes my trio of goals for the month. I find that in the business aspect of my life, I tend to think and plan a lot of things, but I often fail to execute them, or I just get overwhelmed with all of the work that needs to get done. Hopefully having a monthly goal will help that.

I'm also hoping that by posting this on here, I've got to be a little more accountable-my journal doesn't talk back, and sometimes I need a kick in the butt to remind myself to get stuff done.

I will share my February goals in the next post, which will explain the picture:)

Rachel May