Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Crush: JeremyandKathleen

I am loving the blog jeremyandkathleen. It's written by a couple (obviously) and starts with the purchase of their new home, their renovations, design ideas, etc. Jeremy is an electrical software engineer and Kathleen is an art director (I want to be like her).

I just got done reading ALL of their posts (that's what I do when I find a new blog). Just like watching a new tv show, I've got to go back to season one to see what's going on! This blog is really fun-there's so much amazing photography, it's about a truly fun and artistic couple, and Kathleen makes me want to learn more about typography.

I love finding blogs about people that really have a passion for their work and their lives. This is one of those blogs-I highly recommend it.

Rachel May