Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scariest Fortune Ever

For New Years, I traveled back home to Montana to visit family and friends and party it up. It was really nice to be able to go, but coming back home to an empty house was really difficult for me. Boyfriend is out of town, and he will be back in about a week. Have you ever realized how difficult it is to wind down from a whirlwind trip and get back to a regular schedule?

On another note, I was thinking about things to write for the blog. Each week at work, I have to pick a quote for the staff meeting agenda (sometimes my coworkers help me out) and I thought I would do that here. I find quotes really inspirational and they help you to be more introspective.

On that note, I bring you to the first quote. I would normally have picked something that I looked for online that seemed perfect for the moment, but I couldn't get this fortune out of my head. While I was back home, my sister and I went out for Chinese food. I cracked open the fortune cookie excitedly, only to find this:

"Killing time murders opportunities."

That's one way to put it. Considering my whole trip was about killing time, and I planned on partying it up after dinner, that was awkward. It was like a creepy omen. I kept it (I keep all my fortunes) but I don't like it-seems so negative and threatening.

All in all, scariest fortune ever. Will I try again? Absolutely.

Rachel May