Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

How was your New Year, are you recovering well? I'm currently on vacation in Montana, enjoying time with friends and family. I hope your New Years was lovely-mine was a blast.

So where are you with New Years Resolutions? Do you have any? I love New Years Resolutions, although I tend to forget about them by February. Here's my list for 2010 so far...

1. Develop Etsy website and start wholesaling items to brick and mortar shops. I have an entire other list of resolutions for Etsy, but this one can stick on my personal list. This way it'll remind me two times that I need to keep thinking AND implementing ideas.

2. Workout 2x a week. What? You're suprised that there's a diet/health item on my list? I know, not very original.

3. Post blogs regularly. Yeah, this has been my intention all along, but I need someone to hold me to it. Sometimes life happens and blogs do not. Other times, I'm watching hulu and eating Oreos. Sheer laziness.

4. Save money for Europe. My oldest sister and I have been wanting to plan a Eurotrip, but I'm holding us back with all my poorness. This year, that needs to change. I WILL GO TO EUROPE. I WILL TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES SOON.

5. Quit biting fingernails.I painted them orange this week, so that's helping. I can't promise I won't clip them though. I'm helpless with long nails. I need to be able to craft on a whim, and finger nails prevent this from happening easily-can't have that.

I'm sure there are other things that I've been thinking about that should be on my list, but I'm trying to keep the list manageable. It should be 5-7 items, and I'm sure I'll think of two more.

How about you?

Rachel May