Thursday, November 5, 2009

Washington DC: Library of Congress

After the Eastern Market, we went to the Library of Congress, sort of by accident (we needed to use the bathroom, we didn't realize we were stumbling onto such beautiful architecture!). We ended up staying for a while and taking lots of pictures.

The outside of the Library of Congress was creepy...what's up with the angry faces?

The inside-breathtaking. Boyfriend tried to teach me how to use my camera on manual before I left, and these are the pictures I got-you should have seen the ones on auto-not good. I'm actually pretty proud of myself, but I know the camera skills need some work still.\

Here's my sister and I posing for the camera-Jen is on the left, I am on the right (I think we look very alike in this picture, no?).

What a wonderful trip so far! Next up: Washington DC: Adams Morgan

Rachel May