Saturday, March 7, 2009

These Days

Hello all,I've been so busy lately getting used to the new job that I haven't had much time to post. Things are going well and I'm really liking my new job, it's just hard to learn-but that keeps it interesting. Anyhow, my poor Etsy has been suffering because of this! I haven't posted something new in over a week, so I am determinted to get it done this weekend, to post some of the new stuff and to get back on track for next week. Because of the new job, my sister's cabinets in her kitchen are half-done, so I need to figure out when to go and finish those so she has an awesome kitchen and not a sad one-lol. I will keep you posted on new happenings and things, but right now-life is going good for me and not for others. I just heard yesterday that a kid from my hometown committed suicide. This is so sad, but the worst part is that things like that happen a lot in small town Montana. I feel awful for him, his family and friends...and I know from experience that it's going to be a tough couple of years for everyone that was around him.

Also, the boy told me last night that two people we know here in Denver had an incident. There was a knock at their apt door, and when they answered it, the person forced their way in and pistol whipped both of them, then robbed them. I feel so bad and so scared. I know they are okay physically, but that's got to be rough on them emotionally and psychologically. I worry that this all is coming...that we have dark times ahead of us because people are getting more and more desperate, without work, and without money. I hope it doesn't come to that, I really hope it doesn't. Rachel May