Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello! It's been a few days, so time for a little bit of an update! First, you will notice a lovely picture of the arm/wristwarmers I made for myself. I like them a lot, they make me feel sorta grunge and urban, which is always fun. Oh yeah, and they're warm, without impairing any knit/crochet projects.

On another note, you will see that I have been doing a little reading. I'm trying to further my knitting skills, and I love the Super Stitches Knitting book, it's by Karen Hemingway. It has great pictures and a bazillion different types of stitches to do.

The Law (in Plain English) For Crafts is another book I'm reading, to further educate myself in the business side of crafts and Etsy. It seems really good and straightforward, but it is an older book, so keep that in mind (I bought it used off of Amazon). This book is by Leonard D. DuBoff, Attorney-at-Law.

On the bottom, which is last, but absolutely not least, is Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig. This book has great projects, which I hope to complete as Christmas gifts. What I really like about this book is that the categories/chapters are fun...there's a section for moms, daughters, the men in your life, etc. I thought that was fun. I will let you know how that goes.

On top of the books, you will see some washcloths that I have crocheted. This is all for a spa-day basket idea I have, but I've only gotten as far as to crochet two washcloths, but hopefully more on that soon.

Today is my first day of classes for this quarter, so I will try to be good about posting, but I will get busy because this is the last quarter I will be in school....I graduate with my Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design in December. Yay! (and oh so scary!)

Rachel May