Saturday, October 4, 2008

Accomplishments for an Animal Lover

I did accomplish something today, but not exactly WHILE I was hanging out with my sister. Most of it was finished after. I hand-embroidered these tea towels for the Humane Society in Colorado Springs. My sister is volunteering there, and they are holding a craft fair and need handmade donated items to sell. The craft fair is this month, so get out your crafting gear and get to work! It's for a good cause, and there are so many animals that need help. I've made some small washcloths for wiping pet's paws clean, and the tea towels. Let's hope they raise some good money for them!

We hit some great stores today on Broadway in Denver. Decade has really cool interior decor and other items, like jewelry and lingerie, and Fancy Tiger-both stores. One of the stores has fabric and yarn, the other has clothing. We also hit True Love, a shoe store, and Paws, a pet store. In both Paws and Decade, there were animals hanging out. I was walking by a couch in Decade and spotted a kitty in the wilderness, and it was very friendly. In Paws, I pet a dog that didn't seem very interested in me, but once I quit petting him, he followed me around-so we bonded:)
I miss having pets!

Rachel May