Monday, October 3, 2011

Panama: Natural Solutions Foundation

The primary reason behind our Panama vacation was to visit the Natural Solutions foundation. They're a great organization founded by a husband and wife team, with great intentions. They're located in Volcan, which means volcano (because it's by an old volcano named El Baru). Volcan is in the mountainous area of Panama, where the weather isn't quite as humid and the sun isn't quite as hot. This was our favorite location, for all of those reasons.

Natural Solutions Foundation is trying to startup a community in Panama. It's very eco-conscious and about self-sufficiency. These little guys are walking around in a movable chicken coup. It gets moved all over the yard so they will eat bugs and fertilize. Pretty ingenious.

Greenhouses were just built for growing new plants. The foundation already has a coffee plantation where you can buy beans that they grow and roast.

This was a really exciting part of the trip and a real eye opener for me. It's amazing to think how important self sufficiency is in other countries and how it's not as much of a priority here in America. I think we started that kick with the green movement, but really-not much of us would know what to do if we weren't able to go to the grocery store whenever we wanted. Just something to think about.

Rachel May