Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exterior Paint Selection: Cabrera Residence

One of the contractors I work with has decided that he's going to do a smooth stucco treatment to the exterior of his house. I was honored when he asked me to pick out a couple of paint color options! Here's what I came up with.
This is what his home looks like now, sans stucco. He's applying stucco this weekend. I came up with three options for him. He is reshingling right now, and his entire roof is going to be black.

This is the neutral option. The color is called Open Space.

This is the blue option, the color is called Renovation. It's highlighted by the white trim and dark grey foundation.

This is the yellow-toned option, again with white trim and a dark grey foundation. this one is my favorite, but I'm totally biased, as yellow is my favorite color:)

Just some quick photoshop work, but I think it really gives you the overall idea. Hope you like it!

What are you up to this weekend?

Rachel May