Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Goals: No Candy

So much to update you on, however I just wanted to drop in and be accountable to the blog. So far, I have had no candy this month. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought (although it's only day eleven). The best part about this goal has been that it has pushed me to really look at my eating habits. Here's what I've discovered:
1. I can totally live without candy (although I do crave chocolate sometimes), but without candy, I crave sugar. The addiction is obviously a sugar addiction and not a candy addiction-interesting. Something that really should be monitered.
2. I eat when I'm bored. Sitting at my computer, watching something on Hulu and playing spider solitaire or reading blogs (simultaneously), I need something to do with my left hand-which used to be in a bag of gummy worms. I've got to quit eating when I'm not hungry. That's a big problem.
3. There's still hope! I feel confident in trying something that I was really unsure about accomplishing. I've made it through Easter without consuming any chocolate eggs or bunnies, made it through two weeks of work while ignoring the candy bowl on my desk, and made it home every day afterwards without stopping at the gas station to get a bag of candy (in that sense, it's a money saver too!).

How are your goals coming along? Do you have any in particular that are a struggle, or a pleasant surprise?

Rachel May