Friday, June 12, 2009

The best 22nd birthday I've ever had...

Hello there!

I thought I'd share with you all on this lovely Friday what I did last weekend! On June 5, 2009, I turned 22...I know, I know....girls aren't supposed to share their age, but whatever. Anyhow, after watching the movie "Up"(have you seen it? Go see cute), the boy and I decided that we needed to start our adventure NOW. So I booked a cabin for the weekend in Estes Park. At my work, you get the day of your birthday off, and 50 bucks-not a bad deal at all. So we took a long weekend, and went for an adventure. It was lovely.
The cabin was teeny, yet cozy.

The hike, ABSOLUTELY beautiful.

The company, couldn't have been better.

The food, delicious.
And the locals, SO friendly.
Here's to hoping that you have a wonderfully adventurous life!
Rachel May