Sunday, May 10, 2009

Handmade Militia Recap

I just have to say that I had a total blast at the Handmade Militia Spring Market. I met a ton of cool people, sold a few EcoBooks, and just had a blast. The environment was wonderful, as were the other crafters and the customers. I really like and enjoy the Fort Collins demographic. I'm attaching a picture of the booth, which Cynthia (pictured) from and I shared, we are starting to do some of our marketing together. It was the first event together, but it went so smoothly!

I also bought some plants at the event from a local non-profit called the Grow Project. It seemed like a great cause, teaching people to be more self sustaining by learning how to grow plants, and they were giving plants out and asking for donation in return-which is absolutely wonderful. I got a cherokee purple heirloom tomato plant and a wild lettuce plant. I am happy to report that both plants are still alive and the boy and I are discussing planting a garden on the balcony this year-yay!

More later,

Rachel May