Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuna CAN be exciting:)

Hello! Not much time, but thought I would lend this idea out to anyone who wants it. During this time where it seems no one has money, I feel it's going to be more and more important for all of us to get creative. I think having less money forces us to think outside the box to please our consumer minds.
I needed an organizing tool for my desk, and right now-my desk are lacks color. I do a lot of scrapbooking and card making, so I thought it would be good to use supplies that I had laying around. I've tried to be more and more self conscious about recycling, so we have a lot of cans lying around. However, a key part to being a greener, more eco-friendly you, is learning to reuse what you have. That's what I've tried to do.

Tuna can desk organizer

1 tuna can (emptied, cleaned out...label left on it is fine, you will cover it up)
double stick tape (approx 2-3 pcs)
1 sheet of paper-whatever you want to use is fine. I just used fun stuff to brighten my day, if you get sick of it, you can change it out!

All you do: simple. Cut a strip of paper. My tuna can was one inch...then I just kept the length of the paper, so if you use an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, cut it so you have a 1" x 11" strip-should be plenty of length.

Place double stick tape on outside of can, at different spots, just to make sure it sticks. Wrap the paper around the can, press it to the double stick tape. Secure the end with another piece of double-stick, and....yay! A pretty too!

Hint: You can use any size of can to get all different shapes of organizers. Tuna cans work good for paperclips and such. Tomato paste cans are really good for pens, along with regular soup cans. I like all three to have three different heights of things...makes it a collection:)

Rachel May