Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello All!

Finally done with the grad project (okay, that's a lie...pretty much done though and presented to my class) and now I'm back to crafting. I've decided after reading two of the Yarn Harlot's books ( this week and last weekend, that I am in a knitting mood. I went to my LYS (Local Yarn Store) and picked up some Cascade yarn, which is huge and wonderful and will knit up quickly, as well as sock yarn and new dpns. I would really like to get some socks made, and not to jinx it, but I would love to make my dad a basic pair of socks for Christmas this year. We will see how that goes due to the fact that I am not extremely proficient at knitting. I will make sure to update everyone on this.

My handmade soap on the last post is wonderful....I'm really pleased with it. My sister Amber is excited about the soap too and plans to get it for her Christmas baskets this year. I would highly recommend checking out the soap site. The seller is pretty popular on etsy and has been a featured seller. He just hit 8,000 sales and has some great deals. I would suggest getting on his mailing list for extra deals that he emails to you to, a great oppportunity to save some cash.

Anyhow, that's what is going on with me. Reading the yarn harlot, getting ready to do some knitting, etc. Jem (my boyfriend) has actually been doing more crafts than I have lately-he sews. It is SO cute, and crooked...which I love. Although he sews survival gear for himself, and that's not exactly what I'm into. I have knit a few rows on my blue scarf that I started forever-ago, but it's nothing worth a picture. I will update you on my knitting progress soon.

Hope everyone is having a good season, stay warm!

Rachel May