Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My House: Counter Seating

Before we moved in, this is what our house looked like from the front door:

Yeah, not so glamorous, but good bones, right? That's what I love about this house. Everything vital is in place, good wood floors, great architecture, decent lighting (in some places) etc. All it needs is a little facelift and our personal touch.

I decided that painting the main area-living room, dining room and some of the kitchen, was vital before we moved in. I knew it was one of those rooms that we'd later say "Yeah, we've been meaning to paint that..." so I stopped packing boxes to move and headed over to Home Depot.

Most of the walls are a light brown/beige with a touch of grey, but I wanted to punch up the kitchen. So I painted the dividing wall a chocolate brown to divide the spaces and enhance the architecture (can you see those sweet track lights? Yeah, awesome.)

This is what it looked like when we moved in (before all of our stuff was shoved in, that is):

And now I'm thinking I need 3 of these for that peninsula (there are 3 people in our house-me, the boyfriend, and the roommate):

Found here.

Oh Anthropolgie. Why can't you be in my pricepoint? Sigh.

I really need to work on my living room. That was decided after watching 4 episodes Secrets from a Stylist and adding her blog to my blogroll. My house needs some style. And not the "we just got out of college so we're poor" style. That's not cutting it.

Rachel May