Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guest Bedroom After

Finally, I'm ready to present to you the finished (well, nothing's ever really finished)Guest Bedroom! Don't be one of those people that skips to the end. Check out the before pictures here.

And now, the after pictures of the Guest Bedroom/My Studio!

I painted the walls Amber Yellow, which was a lot LESS yellow that it ended up being once it was on the wall. Jury is still out on whether or not I like it.

I also added new sheets and a new pillow from Tarjay (that blue rectangular one). Most of the other stuff I had at home already.

The overall budget breakdown is something like this:
Paint and supplies: $30
New Bedding: $40
Total: $70. Everything else was reused/repurposed.

I have big plans for more changes this space, and the wall color may or may not be one of them (we shall see). I'll keep you posted.

There's also a few adjustments to be made. This window will be getting a much smaller, lighter curtain, but this was a temporary replacement. This has got to be the smallest window I've ever seen in a main floor bedroom.


Rachel May