Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exciting News: We're Moving!

We're in the middle of moving from our old rental house. Why, you ask? Because we bought a house! It turns out that Boyfriend and I are financially responsible enough to own our own place. Or atleast the mortgage company thinks so...and that's good enough for me:)

While this is all very exciting, it's also an emotional rollercoaster. So much paperwork, so much packing and cleaning, so many details....very overwhelmed over here.

Right now, we're moving from this (approx. 700 sq ft): this (approx. 1500 sq ft)!

The upstairs square footage in the new house is the same size as our previous rental house, and we have a finished basement. So we're getting double the space we had, which is very exciting, but much needed as well.

Yellow is my favorite color, so you can imagine my excitement in finding this beauty! Still need to name her though, any suggestions?

I totally didn't plan the creepy cloudy sky behind the old house and the beautiful blue sky behind the new house...but it works.

Rachel May