Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is my name Butter? Cuz I'm on a roll...

I'm doing good. I'm staying on track, producing lots of items for Etsy, and keeping the apartment at some level of clean. A few days ago I made a beautiful batch of blue handmade paper and couldn't wait to start creating EcoBooks with it last night.

It seems that when I feel on track, I have good momentum for a few days, then I I'm trying to keep going by preparing for that "crash" moment.
What do you do to stay on track? Tips are always welcome.

On another note, I may have a new home. Yep, rachelmay designs will be moving. Currently, the boy and I live in a decent one-bedroom apartment in Denver. It's not downtown, or close to school, or near work for me---so it isn't all that convenient. My job however, has perks-and one is that I'm really close to a property management company. They are going to rent me a HOUSE! for a steal, and I'm taking it. It's four blocks from work, close to the light rail to get downtown/to school, all is looking good. Keep your fingers crossed that this goes through...I'm ready for a change of scenery:)

On another note-hasn't this just been a fabulous summer?! I sure think so!

Rachel May